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Livros Academicos. Nesta seção são listados os livros acadêmicos de propriedade particular, adquiridos majoritariamente a partir de 1996.


Livros Adquiridos em Projetos

Air Pollution and Global Warming: History, Science, and Solutions - Mark Z. Jacobson
Modeling Complex Systems - Nino Boccara
Fundamentals of Traffic Simulation - Jaume Barceló
An Introduction to Error Analysis: The Study of Uncertainties in Physical Measurements - John R. Taylor
Design and Analysis of Experiments - Douglas C. Montgomery
Combustion - Irvin Glassman
Combustion - J. Warnatz , U. Maas and R.W. Dibble
Combustion Engineering - Gary L Borman and Kenneth W Ragland
The John Zink Combustion Handbook - Charles E. Baukal (ed.)
Industrial Furnaces - W. Trinks
Diesel Engine and Fuel System Repair - John Dagel and Robert N. Brady
Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer - Robert Siegel
The Exergy Method of Thermal Plant Analysis - J. Kotas
Computational Fluid Mechanics And Heat Transfer - John C. Tannehill, Dale A. Anderson and Richard H. Pletcher
Handbook of Heat Transfer - Warren M. Rohsenow
CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering - Frank Kreith (Ed.)
Heat Transfer in Industrial Combustion - Charles E. Baukal
Standard Handbook of Powerplant Engineering - Thomas C. Elliott
Thermal Design and Optimization - Adrian Bejan, George Tsatsaronis and Michael Moran
Heat Conduction - Necati Ozicik
Infrared Detectors and Systems - E. L. Dereniak and G. D. Boreman
Experimental Methods for Engineers - Jack P. Holman

Solving Direct and Inverse Heat Conduction Problems - Jan Taler and Piotr Duda
Theory and Practice of Infrared Technology for Nondestructive Testing - Xavier P. V. Maldague
Radiative Heat Transfer - Michael F. Modest
Radiation Heat Transfer, Augmented Edition - E. M. Sparrow
Thermal Radiative Transfer and Properties - M. Quinn Brewster
Practical Applications of Infrared Thermal Sensing and Imaging Equipment - Herbert Kaplan
Common Sense Approach to Thermal Imaging - Gerald C. Holst
Practical Methods of Optimization - R. Fletcher
Parameter Estimation for Scientists and Engineers - Adriaan van den Bos
Inverse Problem Theory and Methods for Model Parameter Estimation - Albert Tarantola
Parameter Estimation and Inverse Problems - Aster, Borchers and Thurber
Practical Genetic Algorithms - Randy L. Haupt
Mathematical Modeling - Mark M. Meerschaert
Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering - K. F. Riley
A First Course in Optimization Theory - Rangarajan K. Sundaram
Computational Methods in Process Simulation - W.F. Ramirez
Steam Plant Operation - Everett B. Woodruff, Herbert B. Lammers and Thomas F. Lammers

Engenharia Termica e de Fluidos

Regulacao da Industria de Gas Natural no Brasil - Fernando Tavares Camacho
Aviation Fuels: Technical Review - Chevron Products Company [*]
Conservacao de Energia Por Meio da Co-geracao - Luiz Donizeti Clementino
The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power - Daniel Yergin
The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World - Daniel Yergin
Charging Ahead: The Business of Renewable Energy and ... - John J. Berger and Lester C. Thurow
Manual de Ar Comprimido e Gases - Compressed Air and Gas Institute
Jet Propulsion: A Simple Guide to Aerodynamic and Thermodynamic Design and Performance of Jet Engines - Nicholas Cumpsty
Manual de Medicao de Vazao - Gerard J. Delmee
EXERGY: Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development - Ibrahim Dincer and Marc A. Rosen [*]
Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes - John A. Duffie
Power Surge: Guide to the Coming Energy Revolution - Christopher Flavin
Energia Solar - Naum Fraidenraich e Francisco Lyra
Manual de Trocadores de Calor, Vasos e Tanques - Antonio Ghizze
Energia, Meio Ambiente e Desenvolvimento - Jose Goldemberg
Como Comercializar Créditos de Carbono - Antonio Carlos Porto Araujo
Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Propulsion - Philip Hill and Carl Peterson
Energia e Meio Ambiente - Roger Hinrichs e Merlin Kleinbach
Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air - David JC MacKay
Energy Myths and Realities: Bringing Science to the Energy Policy Debate - Vaclav Smil
Jet Engines: Fundamentals of Theory, Design and Operation - Klaus Hunecke
Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators - H. H. Hurt, Jr.
Manual de Tratamento de Aguas Residuarias - Klaus R. Imhoff
Curso de Combustao Industrial - IPT [*]
Gas Turbine Combustion - Arthur Henry Lefebvre [*]
O Biodiesel e a Inclusao Social - Ariosto Holanda
Infrared System Engineering - Richard D. Jr. Hudson
Geracao Termeletrica - Vol. 1 - Electo E. Silva Lora & Marco Antonio do Nascimento
Geracao Termeletrica - Vol. 2 - Electo E. Silva Lora & Marco Antonio do Nascimento
Prevencao e Controle da Poluicao nos Setores Energeticos, Industrial e de Transporte - Electo E. Silva Lora
Equipamentos Industriais e de Processos - Macyntire
Maquinas Motrizes Hidraulicas - Macyntire
Ventilacao Industrial e Controle da Poluicao - Macyntire
Gas Burners for Forges, Furnaces, and Kilns - Michael Porter
North American Combustion Handbook - Richard J. Reed [*]
Energy from Biomass - Peter Quaak, Harrie Knoef and Hubert Stassen
Energia Eletrica para o Desenvolvimento Sustentavel - Lineu Belico dos Reis
Turbinas e Bombas Hidraulicas - Janardan S. Rohatgi
Gas Turbine Theory - HIH Saravanamuttoo, GFC Rogers and H Cohen
Celulas a Combustivel - E. Serra, J.G.M. Furtado, G.F.W. Soares e Alcides Codeceira Neto
Instrumentacao Industrial - Harold E. Soisson
Design of Thermal Systems - W. F. Stoecker
Introduction to Modeling and Control of Internal Combustion Engine Systems - Lino Guzzella and Christopher H. Onder
Vehicle Propulsion Systems: Introduction to Modeling and Optimization - Lino Guzzella and Antonio Sciarretta
Engine Testing: Theory and Practice - A. J. Martyr and M. A. Plint
Dyno Testing and Tuning - Harold Bettes and Harold Bettes
Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines - Richard Stone
Vehicular Engine Design - Kevin L. Hoag
Engine Management: Advanced Tuning - Greg Banish
Controle Integrado de Moto - Humberto José Manavell
Advanced Vehicle Technology - Heinz Heisler
Advanced Engine Technology - Heinz Heisler
Design and Simulation of Four Stroke Engines - Gordon P. Blair
Manual da Tecnologia Automotiva - Bosch
Motores de Combustão Interna - Jorge Martins
Racing Engine Builder's Handbook - Tom Monroe
Competition Engine Building: Advanced Engine Design & Assembly Techniques - John Baechtel
Performance Automotive Engine Math - John Baechtel
The High-Performance Two-Stroke Engine - John Dixon
Engine Airflow - Harold Bettes
Four-Stroke Performance Tuning 3rd ed: A Practical Guide - A. Bell
Two-Stroke Performance Tuning - A. Bell
The Ricardo Story: The Autobiography of Sir Harry Ricardo, Pioneer of Engine Research - Harry Ralph Ricardo
Engines and Enterprise: The Life and Work of Sir Harry Ricardo - John Reynolds
Internal Combustion Engine in Theory and Practice, Vol 1 - Charles Fayette Taylor
Internal Combustion Engine in Theory and Practice, Vol 2 - Charles Fayette Taylor
Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals - John Benjamin Heywood
Internal Combustion Engines: Applied Thermosciences - Colin R. Ferguson e Allan T. Kirkpatrick
Internal Combustion Engines and Air Pollution - Edward Frederic Obert
Tubulacoes Industrais: Materiais, Projeto, Montagem - Pedro C. Silva Telles
Alternativas Energeticas Sustentaveis no Brasil - Mauricio T. Tolmasquim
Geradores de Vapor - Raul Peragallo Torreira
Fluidos Termicos - Raul Peragallo Torreira
Bombas Centrifugas Passo a Passo - TurboTech Engenharia
An Introduction to Combustion - Stephen R. Turns
Combustiveis, Combustao e Camaras de Combustao - Dmitri Vlassov

Computational Optimization of Internal Combustion Engines - Yu Shi, Hai-Wen Ge and Rolf D. Reitz [**]
Internal Combustion Engines: Applied Thermosciences - Colin R. Ferguson and Allan T. Kirkpatrick [**]
Design and Simulation of Two-Stroke Engines - Gordon P. Blair [**]
Two-Stroke Engine Repair and Maintenance - Paul Dempsey [**]
Industrial Combustion Pollution and Control - Charles E. Baukal Jr. [**]
Industrial Burners Handbook - Charles E. Baukal Jr. [**]
Heat Exchanger Design Handbook - Marcel Dekker[**]
Planning and Installing Bioenergy Systems - German Solar Energy Society (DGS) [**]
Handbook Of Energy Engineering - Albert Thumann and D. Paul Mehta [**]
Gasification - Christopher Higman and Maarten van der Burgt [**]
The Infrared & Electro-Optical Systems Handbook (8 Volumes Set) - Joseph S. Accetta and David L. Shumaker [**]
Heat Transfer in Industrial Combustion - Charles E. Baukal [**]
Oxygen-Enhanced Combustion - Charles E. Baukal [**]
Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook - Meherwan P Boyce [**]
Wind Energy Handbook - Tony Burton [**]
Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery - S. L. Dixon [**]
An Atlas of Thermal Data for Biomass and Other Fuels (NREL) - Siddhartha Gaur [**]
Advanced Gas Turbine Cycles : A Brief Review of Power Generation Thermodynamics - John Horlock [**]
Combined-Cycle Gas and Steam Turbine Power Plants - Rolf Kehlhofer [**]
Fundamentals And Technology Of Combustion - F El-Mahallawy and S. E-Din Habik [**]
Wind and Solar Power Systems - Mukund R. Patel [**]
Thermal Design of Electronic Equipment - Ralph Remsburg [**]
The Jet Engine - Rolls Royce [**]
Advances In Chemical Propulsion Science To Technology - Gabriel D. Roy [**]
Renewable Energy - Bent Sorensen [**]
Combustion Theory - F.A. Williams [**]
Fundamentals of Air Pollution - Richard W. Boubel, Donald L. Fox, Bruce Turner and Arthur C. Stern [**]
Air Pollution Control Technology Handbook - Karl B. Schnelle Jr. and Charles A. Brown [**]
Environmental Engineering - Ruth Weiner and Robin Matthews [**]
Pollution Prevention and Abatement Handbook 1998 - The World Bank Group [**]
Handbook of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Calculations - Joseph P. Reynolds, Louis Theodore and John S. Jeris [**]
Advances in Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers - Eric M. Smith[**]
Applied Process Design For Chemical And Petrochemical Plants, Volume 1 - Ernest E. Ludwig[**]
Applied Process Design For Chemical And Petrochemical Plants, Volume 2 - Ernest E. Ludwig[**]
Applied Process Design For Chemical And Petrochemical Plants, Volume 3 - Ernest E. Ludwig[**]
Chemical Process Design - Robin Smith[**]
Combustion - Fossil Power - J. Singer[**]
Fundamentals of Heat Exchanger Design - Shah and Sekulic[**]
Industrial Boilers and Heat Recovery Steam Generators - V. Ganapathy[**]
Industrial Ventilation Design Guidebook - Goodfellow and Tahti[**]
Mechanics And Thermodynamics Of Propulsion - Hill and Peterson[**]
Pump Handbook - Karassik, Messina, Cooper and Heald[**]
Solar engineering of thermal process 2nd Edition - Duffie and Beckman[**]
Solid Fuels Combustion And Gasification - Marcio L. de Souza-Santos[**]
Steam Plant Operation - Everett Woodruff[**]

Refrigeracao e Ar Condicionado

Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning - Althouse
Sol, Vento e Luz - G. Z. Brown and Mark DeKay
Refrigeracao Comercial e Climatizacao Industrial - Jose de Castro Silva
Introdução a Análise de Sistemas de Refrigeração por Absorção - Alvaro Ochoa et al.
Instalacoes de Ar Condicionado - Helio Creder
Principios de Refrigeracao - Roy Dossat
Manual do Conforto Termico - Anesia Barros Frota e Sueli Ramos Schiffer
Modelagem de Processos Termicos - Fusao e Solidificacao - Kamal A. R. Ismail
Bancos de Gelo - Kamal A. R. Ismail
Engenharia e Ar Condicionado - Jones
Procedures for Simulating the Performance of Components and Systems for Energy Calculations - W. F. Stoecker [*]
Refrigeracao Industrial - W. F. Stoecker

Applications Handbook 1999 - ASHRAE [**]
Systems and Equipment Handbook 2000 - ASHRAE [**]
Fundamentals Handbook 2001 - ASHRAE [**]
Handbook of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration - Shan K. Wang[**]
Industrial Refrigeration HandBook - W.F. Stoecker[**]
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning - Stoecker and Jones[**]


Reflections on the Motive Power of Fire: And other Papers on the Second Law of Thermodynamics - Sadi Carnot
The Scientific Papers of J. Willard Gibbs, Vol. 1: Thermodynamics - J. Willard Gibbs
Theory of Heat - James Clerk Maxwell
Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics - Bejan
Lectures on Gas Theory - Boltzmann
Thermodynamics and Introduction to Thermostatistics - Callen
Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics - de Groor
The Conceptual Foundations of the Statistical Approach in Mechanics - Ehrenfest
Thermodynamics - Fermi
Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes - Haase
Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics - Landsberg
Thermodynamics of Irreversbile Processes - Lavenda
Principios de Termodinamica para Engenharia - Moran e Shapiro
Treatise on Thermodynamics - Max Planck
Methods of Thermodynamics - Howard Reiss
Chemical and Engineering Thermodynamics - Sandler
Understanding Thermodynamics- Van Ness
Statistical Physics - Wannier
Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers - D. E. Winterbone [*]
Thermodynamics - Virgil Moring Faires
Fundamentos da Termodinamica - Van Wylen
Termodinamica - Cengel e Boles
Introducao a Termodinamica da Engenharia Quimica - Smith, Van Ness e Abbot
Fundamentos da Termodinâmica para Engenharia Química - Themis Matsoukas
Maxwell's Demon - Hans Christian Von Baeyer
Thermodynamics: Foundations and Applications - Elias P. Gyftopoulos and Gian Paolo Beretta

Advanced Thermodynamics Engineering - Kalyan Annamalai [**]
Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers - D. Winterbone [**]
Beyond Equilibrium Thermodynamics - Hans Christian Ottinger[**]
Chemical Energy and Exergy An Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics for Engineers - Norio Sato[**]
Chemical Thermodynamics Advanced Applications - J. Bevan Ott and Juliana Boerio-Goates[**]
Classical Thermodynamics Papers - Joule, Thompson, Black Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics - Yasar Demirel[**]
Thermodynamics - An Engineering Approach - Yunus A. Cengel and Michael A. Boles[**]
Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics - Michael J. Moran and Howard N. Shapiro [**]
Thermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermostatistics - Hebert B. Callen [**]
Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics - Yasar Demirel [**]

Fenomenos de Transporte

Porous Media: Geometry and Transports - Adler
Vectors, Tensors and the Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics - Aris
Conduction Heat Transfer - Vedat S. Arpaci
An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics - Batchelor
Thermofluid Dynamics - A. J. Reynolds
Dynamics of Fluids in Porous Media - Jacob Bear
Inverse Heat Conduction - Ill-Posed Problems - J.V. Beck, B. Blackwell e C.R. St. Clair, Jr.
Convection Heat Transfer - Bejan
Fen�menos de Transporte - R. Byron Bird, Warren E. Stewart and Edwin N. Lightfoot
Conduction of Heat in Solids - H. S. Carslaw and J. C. Jaeger
Lattice Gas Methods for Partial Differential Equations - Doolen
Porous Media - Fluid Transport and Pore Structure - Dullien
Engineering Calculations in Radiative Heat Transfer - W. A Gray
Introducao a Mecanica dos Fluidos - Fox
Turbulence - Frisch
Radiative Transfer - Hoyt C Hottel
Introduction to Heat Transfer - Incropera
Tecnicas de Medidas e Instrumentacao - Kamal A. R. Ismail
Tecnicas Experimentais em Fenomenos de Transferencia - Kamal A. R. Ismail
Experimental Methods: An Introduction to the Analysis and Presentation of Data - Les Kirkup [*]
Principles of Convective Heat Transfer - Massoud Kaviany
Fluid Mechanics - Landau and Lifshitz
Transferencia de Calor e Mecanica dos Fluidos Computacional - Maliska
Fluid Dynamics Applications of the Discrete Boltzmann Equation - Monaco
Introducao a Engenharia de Sistemas Termicos - Moran, Shapiro, Munson e DeWitt
Boundary Value Problems of Heat Conduction - Ozisik
Inverse Heat Transfer - Ozisik
Lattice-Gas Cellular Automata - Rothman
Flow and Transport in Porous Media and Fractured Rock - Sahimi
Introducao as Ciencias Termicas - Frank W. Schmidt e Robert E. Henderson
A History and Philosophy of Fluid Mechanics - Tokaty
Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer - Welty [*]
Engineering Radiation Heat Transfer - John A. Wiebelt

Heat Transfer Handbook - Adrian Bejan and Allan D. Kraus [**]
Viscous Fluid Flow - Frank M. White [**]
Fluid Mechanics (4th ed.) - Frank M. White [**]
Viscous Fluid Flow - Tasos Papanastasiou, Georgios Georgiou and Andreas N. Alexandrou [**]
Introduction to Thermal Analysis - M.E. Brown [**]
Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics - Joel H. Ferziger and Milovan Peric [**]
Computational Techniques For Fluid Dynamics (Vol 1) - Fletcher [**]
Computational Techniques For Fluid Dynamics (Vol 2) - Fletcher [**]
A Heat Transfer Textbook - John H. Lienhard [**]
Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments, with Applications to Engineering and Science - Robert L. Mason, Richard F. Gunst and James L. Hess [**]
Design and Analysis of Experiments - Douglas C. Montgomery [**]
Introduction to Fluid Mechanics - Yasuki Nakayama and Robert Boucher [**]
Traceable Temperatures: An Introduction to Temperature Measurement and Calibration - J. V. Nicholas and D. R. White [**]
Handbook of Thermal Analysis of Construction Materials - Ralph M. Paroli [**]
Boundary-Layer Theory- Herrmann Schlichting [**]
Introduction to Aerodynamics of Flight - Theodore A Talay [**]
Album of Fluid Motion - Milton Van Dyke [**]
Turbulent Flows - Stephen B. Pope[**]

Engenharia Mecanica, Ambiental, de Trânsito, Veicular e Eletrica

The Design of Everyday Things - Donald A. Norman
The Industrial Design Reader - Carma Gorman
Sustainability Indicators - Simon Bell and Stephen Morse
Methods of Environmental Impact Assessment - Peter Morris (Editor) and Riki Therivel (Editor)
Life Cycle Assessment - Ralph Horne et al
The Hitch Hiker's Guide to LCA - Henrikke Bauman and Anne-Marie Tillman
Vehicle Dynamics: Theory and Application - G. Nakhaie Jazar
Motor Vehicle Dynamics: Modeling and Simulation - Giancarlo Genta
The Motor Car: Past, Present and Future - Genta, Morello, Cavallino, Filtri
Physics for Gearheads - Randy Beikmann
Automotive Engineering Fundamentals - Richard Stone [*]
Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics - Thomas D. Gillespie [*]
Aerodynamics of Road Vehicles: From Fluid Mechanics to Vehicle Engineering - Wolf-Heinrich Hucho
Electric Motors and Drives: Fundamentals, Types and Applications - Austin Hughes
Build Your Own Electric Vehicle - Seth Leitman and Bob Brant
The 2011 Electric Car Guide - Michael Boxwell
The Electric Car Guide : 2015 Edition - Michael Boxwell
Bottled Lightning: Superbatteries, Electric Cars, and the New Lithium Economy - Seth Fletcher
The Powerhouse: Inside the Invention of a Battery to Save the World - Steve Levine
Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation - Tony Seba
Driving the Future: Combating Climate Change with Cleaner, Smarter Cars - Margo T. Oge
A História do Automóvel - José Luiz Vieira
The Automobile Age - James J. Flink
Autos and Progress: The Brazilian Search for Modernity - Joel Wolfe
Carjacked: The Culture of the Automobile and Its Effect on Our Lives - Catherine Lutz
DKW - Paulo Cesar Sandler
The Great Race: The Global Quest for the Car of the Future - Levi Tillemann
The Transit Metropolis: A Global Inquiry - Robert B. Cervero
Traffic Flow Dynamics: Data, Models and Simulation -Treiber and Kesting
Modelling Transport - Juan de Dios Ortúzar and Luis G. Willumsen
Simulação de Tráfego: Conceitos e Técnicas de Modelagem - Licinio da Silva Portugal
Políticas de Transporte no Brasil - Eduardo de Alcantara de Vasconcellos
Transportes no Brasil: História e Reflexões - Oswaldo Lima Neto
Human Transit - Jarrett Walker
Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us) - Tom Vanderbilt
Urban Transport Without the Hot Air (Volume 1) - Steve Melia
Urban Transport Without the Hot Air (Volume 2) - Alan Cunningham
Powering the Future - The Ballard Fuel Cell and ... - Tom Koppel
Reinventing the Automobile: Personal Urban Mobility for the 21st Century - William J. Mitchell, et al
Democrata: O Carro Certo no Tempo Errado - Roberto Nasser
Electric Vehicle Technology Explained - James Larminie and John Lowry [*]
Reinventing the Wheel: A Story of Genius, Innovation, and Grand Ambition - Steve Kemper
Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future - Ashlee Vance
Planning and Design for Sustainable Urban Mobility: Global Report on Human Settlements 2013 - Un-Habitat
Cities for People - Jan Gehl
Introducao a Engenharia - Walter Bazzo e Luiz Teixeira
Maquinas - Formulario Tecnico - Casillas
Machine Shop Tools and Operations - Rex Miller and Mark Richard Miller
Millwrights and Mechanics Guide - Thomas B. Davis and Carl A. Nelson
How To Weld - Todd Bridigum
Composite Materials: Fabrication Handbook #1 - John Wanberg
How to Cast Small Metal and Rubber Parts - William A. Cannon
Aluminium Boatbuilding - Ernest H. Sims
Clinker Plywood Boatbuilding Manual - Iain Oughtred
Drafting & Design: Engineering Drawing Using Manual and CAD Techniques - Clois E. Kicklighter and Walter C. Brown
Engineering in History - Richard Shelton Kirby
Manual de Formulas Tecnicas - Kurt Gieck
Schaum’s Outline of Basic Eletricity - Milton Gussow
Manufacturing Engineering and Technology - Serope Kalpakjian and Steven R. Schmid
Curso de Gestao Ambiental - Arlindo Philippi Jr et al.
Matematica Financeira e Engenharia Economica - Nivaldo E. Pilao e Paulo R. V. Hummel
Automacao Industrial - Ferdinando Natale
Fundamentos do Projeto de Componentes de Maquinas - Robert Juvinall e Kurt Marshek
Projeto de Maquinas: uma Abordagem Integrada - Robert L Norton
Cinemática e Dinâmica dos Mecanismos - Robert L Norton
Resistência dos Materiais - Russell C. Hibbeler
Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines - George H. Martin
Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook - Neil Sclater and Nicholas Chironis
Practical Electronics for Inventors - Paul Scherz
Schaum's Outline of Feedback and Control Systems - Stubberud et al.

Case Studies in Engineering Design - Clifford Matthews [**]
Strength of Materials (Part I) - Elementary Theory and Problems - S. Timoshenko [**]
Strength of Materials (Part II) - Advanced Theory and Problems - S. Timoshenko [**]
Strength of Materials and Structures - John Case, A. Chilver and Carl T. F. Ross [**]
Schaum's Outline of Strength of Materials - William Nash [**]
Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering 5ed - William D. Callister Jr. [**]
Standard Handbook of Machine Design 2ed - Joseph Shigley and Charles Mischke [**]
Applied Materials Science: Applications of Engineering Materials in Structural, Electronics, Thermal, and Other Industries - Deborah D. L. Chung [**]
Mechanical Engineering Handbook - Frank Kreith [**]
Corrosion Science and Technology - David Talbot and James Talbot [**]
Tunnelling and Tunnel Mechanics A Rational Approach to Tunnelling - Dimitrios Kolymbas [**]
Systematic Drilling And Blasting for Surface Excavations - U. S. Army Corps of Engineers [**]
Applied Drilling Engineering - Adam T. Bourgoyne [**]
Explosives and Demolitions - Department of Defense [**]
Schaum's Outline of Electric Circuits - Mahmood Nahvi and Joseph A. Edminister [**]
Electric Power Distribution Handbook - Thomas Allen Short [**]
The Mechatronics Handbook - Robert H. Bishop [**]
Handbook of Optical Materials - Marvin J. Weber [**]
The Measurement, Instrumentation and Sensors Handbook - John G. Webster [**]
Sensor Technology Handbook - Jon S Wilson [**]
Electrical Energy Systems - Mohamed E. El-Hawary[**]
Electrical Engineering Handbook - Richard C. Dorf[**]
Engineering Maintenance - A Modern Approach - B. S. Dhillon[**]
Guide To Electrical Power Distribution Systems - Pansini[**]
Handbook Of Engineering Tables -Richard C. Dorf[**]
Industrial Power Engineering Handbook - K. C. Agraval[**]
Standard Handbook Of Biomedical Engineering And Design - Myer Kutz[**]
The Biomedical Engineering Handbook - Joseph D. Bronzino[**]


Relativity - Albert Einstein
Six Not-So-Easy Pieces - Feynman
Theoretical Physics - Joos
Mecanica - Landau
The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe - Roger Penrose
Mecanica - Symon
Introduction to Percolation Theory - Stauffer [*]
Teoria da Elasticidade - Timoshenko
Fisica Moderna - Paul A. Tipler and Ralph Llewellyn
The Principles of Statistical Mechanics - Tolman

Practical Optics - Naftaly Menn [**]
Feynman Lectures on Physics Complete Volumes - Richard Feynman [**]


Principios da Quimica - Peter Atkins e Loretta Jones
Introducao a Engenharia Ambiental - Benedito Braga et al.
Emissoes em Processos de Combustao - Joao Andrade de Carvalho Jr. e Pedro Teixeira Lacava
The Chemistry of Powder and Explosives - Tenney L. Davis
A Histtria Quimica de uma Vela - As Forcas da Materia - Michael Faraday
Combustiveis e Combustao Industrial - Roberto Garcia
Quimica Tecnologica - Hilsdorf, de Barros, Tassinari e Costa
Fuel Cell Handbook, 4th Ed. - Hirschenhofer, Stauffer, Engleman and Klett [*]
The Development of Modern Chemistry - Aaron J. Ihde
General Chemistry - Linus Pauling
Industrias de Processos Quimicos - R. Norris Shreve

Explosives, Propellants and Pyrotechnics - A. Bailey and S. G. Murray [**]
Chemistry of Pyrotechnics - Basic Principles and Theory - John A. Conkling [**]
Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook - Robert H. Perry and Donald W. Green [**]
Explosive Principles - Robert A. Sickler [**]
Handbook of Chemistry and Physics - David R. Lide[**]


Handbook of Mathematical Functions - Abramowitz
Number Theory - George E. Andrews
Mathematical Methods for Physicists - Arfken
Matematica para Engenharia - Bajpai
Historia da Matematica - Boyer
An Introduction of Ordinary Differencial Equations - Coddington
What Is Mathematics?: An Elementary Approach to Ideas and Methods - Richard Courant and Herbert Robbins
The Mathematical Experience - Phillip J. Davis and Reuben Hersh
Partial Differencial Equations for Scientists and Engineers - Farlow
Probability: An Introduction - Goldberg
Calculo Avancado (Vol I) - Kaplan
Calculo Avancado (Vol II) - Kaplan
Teoria da Probabilidade e Processos Estocasticos - Kovacs
Fourier Analisys & Generalised Functions - Lighthill
The Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data - John Mandel
Introducao a Logica - Cezar Mortari
A Prova de Godel - Ernest Nagel and James R. Newman
Calculo Diferencial e Integral (Vol I)- Piskounov
Calculo Diferencial e Integral (Vol II)- Piskounov
Matrices and Linear Algebra - Schneider
Teoria dos Numeros - Salahoddin Shokranian
Manual de Formulas e Tabelas Matematicas - Spiegel
Transformadas de Laplace - Spiegel
Equacoes Diferenciais com Aplicacoes em Modelagem - Dennis G. Zill

Probability And Measure - Patrick Billingsley [**]
Inverse Problems: Mathematical and Analytical Techniques With Applications to Engineering - Alexander G. Ramm [**]
Advanced Number Theory - Harvey Cohn [**]
Handbook of Stochastic Analysis with Application - D. Kannan [**]
Handbook of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics - Kenneth H. Rosen [**]
Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists - Polyanin and Manzhirovchamb[**]
Methods for Solving Inverse Problems in Mathematical Physics - Prilepko, Orlovsky and Vasin[**]


Combinatorial Optimization: Algorithms and Complexity - Christos H. Papadimitriou e Kenneth Steiglitz
Linear Programming and Economic Analysis - Robert Dorfman, Paul A. Samuelson e Robert M. Solow
Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems - Ross Anderson
Metodos Numericos para Engenharia - Chapra e Canale
Calculo Numerico - Barroso
Analise Numerica - Richard L. Burden and J. Douglas Faires
Learning GNU Emacs - Cameron
Programacao em Matlab para Engenheiros - Stephen J. Chapman
Graphical Applications with TCL&Tk - Foster-Johnson
Sistemas Inteligentes - Carlos Oliveira Galvao e Mauser Jorge Silva Valenca(organizadores)
Digital Imaging Processing - Gonzalez [*]
Mastering Matlab 6 - Duane Hanselman and Bruce Littlefield
Mastering Simulink 4 - Thomas L. Harman, James B. Dabney
Practical Genetic Algorithms - Randy L. Haupt and Sue Ellen Haupt [*]
Genetic Programming: On the Programming of Computers by Means of Natural Selection - John R. Koza
Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems: An Introductory Analysis with Applications to Biology, Control, and Artificial Intelligence - John H. Holland
Genetic Algorithms in Search, Optimization, and Machine Learning - David E. Goldberg
Redes Neurais - Simon Haykin
A Guide to Latex 2e - Kopka
C++ Primer - Lippman
Numerical Recipes in C - Press, Teukolsky, Vetterling and Flannery
The C++ Programming Language - Stroustrup

Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing: Behavioral and Cognitive Modeling of the Human Brain - Amit Konar [**]
Using MatLAB 6 - Mathworks [**]
The Computer Engineering Handbook - Vojin Oklobdzija [**]
Image Processing Handbook - John C. Russ [**]
The Hacker's Handbook - Susan Young, Dave Aitel [**]
An Introduction to Optimization - Edwin K. P. Chong and Stanislaw H. Zak[**]
Differential Evolution - A Practical Approach to Global Optimization - Price, Storn and Lampinen[**]
The Digital Signal Processing Handbook - Vijay K. Madisetti and Douglas Williams[**]
Engineering Optimization - Theory And Practice Singiresu S. Rao[**]
Engineering Optimization - Ravindran, Ragsdell and Reklaitis[**]
Genetic Algorithms + Data Structures = Evolution Programs - Zbigniew Michalewicz[**]
Genetic Algorithms - Principles And Perspectives - A Guide To GA Theory - Reeves and Rowe[**]
Handbook on Modelling for Discrete Optimization - Appa, Pitsoulis and Williams[**]
Introduction to Optimization - Pedregal[**]
Introduction to Optimum Design - J. Arora[**]
Modern Heuristic Optimization Techniques - Theory and Applications to Power Systems - Kwang Y. Lee and Mohamed A. El-Sharkawi[**]
Practical Optimization Methods with Mathematica Applications - M. Asghar Bhatti[**]
Process Optimization - A statistical Approach - Enrique del Castillo[**]
The Practical Handbook to Genetic Algorithms - Lance D. Chambers[**]


Lonely Planet Chile & Easter Island
Lonely Planet Argentina
Guia Quatro Rodas Brasil 2008
The Rough Guide to Chile Map
The Rough Guide to Argentina Map
Argentina/Chile/Uruguay/Paraguay Map
Guia Quatro Rodas Brasil Rodoviario 2008
15-Minute Japanese: Learn Japanese in Just 15 Minutes a Day
Spanish: Lonely Planet Phrasebook - Marta Lopez
Easy Spanish Phrase Book - Dover Publications
15-Minute Spanish - DK Publishing
Mini Aurelio - Seculo XXI
Michaelis Moderno Dicionario da Lingua Portuguesa
Dicionario Escolar da Lingua Portuguesa - Franciso da Silveira Bueno
Dicionario Larousse Mini - Espanhol/Portugues - Portugues/Espanhol
Collins Gem Dictionary - English/Portuguese Portuguese English - Lamb
Dicionario de Expressoes Idiomaticas (Ingles-Portugues) - Oswaldo Serpa
Pocket Guide to English Usage - Merriam-Webster's
Pocket Dictionary - Merriam-Webster's
Roget's II The New Thesaurus
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary - 10th Edition
Novo Dicionario de Termos Tecnicos, 2V - Eugenio Furstenau
Manual para Redacao de Teses, Projetos de Pesquisa e Artigos Cientificos - Nelson Spector
American Accent Training - Ann Cook
Como nao aprender ingles - Jacobs
1100 Words You Need to Know - Bromberg
Dizionario Portoghese Italiano Portoghese - Carlo Parlagreco
Dicionario Escolar Latino Portugues - Ernesto Faria
Pocket Atlas of the World - Haack
Minimanual Compacto de Geografia do Brasil: Teoria e Pr�tica - Schbneeberger e Farago
Geografia do Brasil - Marcos de Amorim Coelho e Lygia Terra
Atlas National Geographic - 26 volumes
Learning Chinese The Easy Way - Sam Song

Ciencia Popular I - Fisica, Quimica e Biologia

Einstein: The Life and Times - Ronald W. Clark
The Voyage of the Beagle - Charles Darwin
A Viagem do Beagle - James Taylor
Origin of Species, The - Charles Darwin
O Gene Egoista - Richard Dawkins
Darwin's Dangerous Idea - Daniel Clement Dennett
Brief History of Time, A - Stephen Hawking
A Life of Discovery: Michael Faraday, Giant of the Scientific Revolution - James Hamilton
Degrees Kelvin: A Tale of Genius, Invention, and Tragedy - David Lindley
Touchstone of Life, The : Molecular Information... - Werner R. Loewenstein
Physics in Mind: A Quantum View of the Brain - Werner Loewenstein
Quantum Mechanics: The Theoretical Minimum - Leonard Susskind
Quantum Theory - John Polkinghorne
Complexity: A Guided Tour - Melanie Mitchell
The Man Who Changed Everything: The Life of James Clerk Maxwell - Basil Mahon
Os Pensadores (trechos selecionados) - Sir Isaac Newton
Como a Mente Funciona - Steven Pinker
Oceans, The - Ellen J. Prager and Sylvia A. Earle
Fim das Certezas, O - Ilya Prigogine
Galileu - James Reston, Jr.
The Making of the Atomic Bomb - Richard Rhodes
The Right Stuff - Tom Wolfe
Genome - Matt Ridley
Essential Genetics: A Genomic Perspective - Daniel L. Hartl
Genética: Escolhas Que Nossos Avós Não Faziam - Mayana Zatz
The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature - Matt Ridley
Cosmos - Carl Sagan
Variedades da Experiência Científica - Carl Sagan
Double Helix, The - James D. Watson
What We Know About Climate Change - Kerry Emanuel

Ciincia Popular II - Filosofia da Ciencia, Matematica e Computacao

Advento do Algoritmo - David Berlinski
A Tour of the Calculus - David Berlinski
O Que e Ciencia Afinal? - A.F. Chalmers
Prime Obsession - John Derbyshire
Against Method - Paul Feyerabend
Divertimentos Matematicos - Martin Gardner
Chaos: Making a New Science - James Gleick
The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood - James Gleick
Alan Turing: The Enigma - Andrew Hodges
Godel, Escher, Bach - Douglas R. Hofstadter
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions - Thomas Kuhn
Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution - Steven Levy
The Society of Mind - Marvin L. Minsky
Rebel Code: Linux and the Open Source Revolution - Glyn Moody
A Beautiful Mind: The Life of Mathematical Genius and Nobel Laureate John Nash - Sylvia Nasar
Prisoner's Dilemma - William Poundstone
The Code Book - Simon Singh
Imposturas Intelectuais - Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont
In the Beginning was the Command Line - Neal Stephenson [*]
Sera que Deus Joga Dados? A Nova Matematica do Caos - Ian Stewart
Stanislaw Ulam - Los Alamos Science Special Issue [*]
The Complete Strategyst : Being a Primer on the Theory of Games of Strategy - J. D. Williams
On the Map: A Mind-Expanding Exploration of the Way the World Looks - Simon Garfield

Codes, Ciphers and Secret Writing - Martin Gardner [**]
The Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell [**]

Xadrez e Outros Hobbies

The Tactics of End-Games - Jeno Ban
Logical Chess: Move by Move - Irving Chernev
Xadrez Basico - Orfeu Gilberto D’agostini
The Ideas Behind the Chess Openings - Reuben Fine
My Great Predecessors, Part 1 - Garry Kasparov
The Art of the Middle Game - Paul Keres and Alexander Kotov
Chess for Fun and Chess for Blood - Edward Lasker
My System - Aron Nimzowitsch
Modern Chess Strategy - Ludek Pachman
Chess Openings: Traps and Zaps - Bruce Pandolfini
Chess Openings: Traps and Zaps 2 - Bruce Pandolfini
Pandolfini's Endgame Course - Bruce Pandolfini
Winning Chess Tactics - Yasser Seirawan
How to Reassess Your Chess - Jeremy Silman
The Art of Attack in Chess - Vladimir Vukovic
Kings, Commoners and Knaves Further Chess Explorations - Edward Winter
How Not to Play Chess - Eugene Znosko-Borovsky
The Art of Chess Combination - Eugene Znosko-Borovsky

Bobby Fischer Goes to War - David Edmonds and John Eidinow
The Chess Artist: Genius, Obsession, and the World's Oldest Game - J. C. Hallman
Emanuel Lasker: The Life of a Chess Master - J. Hannak
The Human Comedy of Chess A Grandmaster's Chronicles - Hans Ree

Kendo: The Definitive Guide - Hiroshi Ozawa
Complete Kendo - John J. Donohue
The Book of Five Rings - Miyamoto Musashi
The Heart of Kendo: A Comprehensive Introduction to the Philosophy and Practice - Darrell Max Craig
IAI: The Art Of Drawing The Sword - Darrell Max Craig

Spirit of Place: The Art of the Traveling Photographer - Bob Krist
Magnum Manifesto - Magnum Photos
Magnum: Fifty Years at the Front Line of History - Russell Miller
The Digital Photography Book, v.1 - Scott Kelby
The Digital Photography Book, v.2 - Scott Kelby

Fitness Swimming - Emmett Hines
Play Your Best Pool - Philip Capelle
How to Play Poker - Peter Arnold
Complete Origami - Eric Kenneway
Chapman Piloting: Seamanship & Boat Handling - Elbert Maloney
The Backpacker's Handbook - Chris Townsend
The Runners' Repair Manual: A Complete Program for Diagnosing and Treating Your Foot, Leg and Back Problems - Murray F. Weisenfeld
Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen - Christopher McDougall
Programa de Caminhada e Corrida - Marcos Paulo Reis
SAS Survival Handbook: How to Survive in the Wild, in Any Climate, on Land or at Sea - John Lofty Wiseman
Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook - Jane Maxwell et al
Outdoor Navigation With GPS - Stephen W. Hinch

Meninos, eu vi... - Juca Kfouri
Confesso que Perdi - Juca Kfouri
Os 50 maiores Jogos das Copas do Mundo- Paulo Vinicius Coelho
Corinthians - E preto no branco - Washington Olivetto e Nirlando Beirao

50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques - Gregory Georges [**]
The Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers - Scott Kelby [**]
How To Do Everything With Your Digital Camera - Dave Johnson [**]
The Digital Photography Book - Scott Kelby [**]
Digital Art Photography for Dummies - Matthew Bamberg[**]


[Relatos de Viagem]
Long Rider: A Tale of Just Passin' Through - Mark Edmonds
Old Man on a Bike - Simon Gandolfi
Adventures of a Motorcycle Despatch Rider During the First World War - W.H.L. Watson
Through Algeria & Tunisia on a Motor-Bicycle - Lady Warren
Across America by Motor-Cycle - C K Shepherd
Tracking Marco Polo - Timothy Severin
Tracks and Horizons: 26 Countries on a Motorcycle - Carlos A Caggiani
Riding the Edge - Dave Barr and Mike Wourms
Touching The World: A Blind Woman, Two Wheels and 25,000 Miles - Cathy Birchall and Bernard Smith
Vroom with a View: In Search of Italy's Dolce Vita on a '61 Vespa - Peter Moore
One Man Caravan - Robert E., Jr. Fulton
Motorcycle Adventurer: Carl Stearns Clancy: First Motorcyclist To Ride Around The World 1912-1913 - Dr. Gregory W. Frazier
Jupiters Travels : Four Years Around the World on a Triumph - Ted Simon
Riding High - Ted Simon
Dreaming of Jupiter - Ted Simon
Jupiter's Travels in Camera - Ted Simon
Mondo Enduro - Austin E. Vince
Long Way Round : Chasing Shadows Across the World - Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman
Long Way Down - Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman
The Longest Ride: My Ten-Year 500,000 Mile Motorcycle Journey - Emilio Scotto
Lois on the Loose: One Woman, One Motorcycle, 20,000 Miles Across the Americas - Lois Pryce
Red Tape and White Knuckles - Lois Pryce
American Borders: A Solo Circumnavigation of the United States on a Russian Sidecar Motorcycle - Carla King
To Dakar and Back: 21 Days Across North Africa by Motorcycle - Lawrence Hacking
The Motorcycle Diaries - Ernesto Che Guevara
Chasing Che: A Motorcycle Journey in Search of the Guevara Legend - Patrick Symmes
Looking For Mr. Guevara: A Journey Through South American - Barbara Brodman
Young Che: Memories of Che Guevara by His Father - Ernesto Guevara Lynch
Traveling with Che Guevara: The Making of a Revolutionary - Alberto Granado
The Road Gets Better From Here - Adrian Scott
Mi Moto Fidel - Christopher Baker
Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road - Neil Peart
Breaking the Limit: One Woman's Motorcycle Journey Through North America - Karen Larsen
Against the Wind: A Rider's Account of the Incredible Iron Butt Rally - Ron Ayres
Two Wheels Through Terror: Diary of a South American Motorcycle Odyssey - Glen Heggstad
Uneasy Rider: Travels Through a Mid-Life Crisis - Mike Carter
The Old Man and the Harley: A Last Ride Through Our Fathers' America - John J. Newkirk
A Grande Viagem - Fabio Magnani e Renata Nunes (download gratuito)
Viagem ao Sertao - Fabio Magnani e Renata Nunes (download gratuito)
Viajando pela Rota Transiberiana - Guillermo Godoy
Nordeste de Moto - Sidney Geraldo dos Santos
Ushuaia - Chardo
Machu Picchu - Chardo
Alaska - Clodoaldo Braga
Do Ceara ao Chile - Paulo Guedes
Endless Horizon - Dan Walsh
One More Day Everywhere - Glen Heggstad
Storm - Allen Noren
Obsessions Die Hard - Ed Culberson
Motorcycle Yoga, Meditative Rides through India - Miles Davis
Eating Up Italy: Voyages on a Vespa - Matthew Fort
Spotted in France: A Dog's Life...On the Road - Gregory Edmont
Restless Travellers - From China to Italy by Motorcycle: the story - Stefano Mangini
Brum Brum. 254.000 Chilometri in Vespa - Giorgio Bettinelli
The Rugged Road - Theresa Wallach
Monks and Motorcycles: From Laos to London by the Seat of my Pants 1956-1958 - Franklin E. Huffman
Purple Mountains: America from a Motorcycle - Notch Miyake
Tuk-Tuk to the Road: Two Girls, Three Wheels, 12,500 Miles - Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent
A Short Ride in the Jungle: The Ho Chi Minh Trail by Motorcycle - Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent
Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection - Allan Karl
Dirty Dining: An Adventurer's Cookbook - Lisa Thomas
Lone Rider: The First British Woman to Motorcycle Around the World - Elspeth Beard
O Voo da Coruja: das Dunas ao Deserto - Gean Andrade
The Worst Motorcycle in Laos: Rough Travels in Asia - Chris Tharp
Sparring with Charlie - Christopher Hunt
Tea Time with Terrorists: A Motorcycle Journey into the Heart of Sri Lanka's Civil War - Mark Stephen Meadows
Brasil: Estradas, Aventuras, Desafios e Muitas Histórias para Contar - Allison Campos

Shy Girl - Elizabeth Stark
Throttling the Bard - Jay Barry
Prisoner, Cell Block H: The Franky Doyle Story - Henry Clement
Whiskey Road: A Love Story - Karen V. Siplin
Motorcycle Ride on the Sea of Tranquility - Patricia Santana
Let It Ride - John McFetridge
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere - John McFetridge
6 Chambers, 1 Bullet - Ralph "Sonny" Barger, Keith e Kent Zimmerman
Flaming Iguanas (Mad Dog Rodriguez Trilogy) - Erika Lopez
They Call Me Mad Dog (Mad Dog Rodriguez Trilogy) - Erika Lopez
Hoochie Mama (Mad Dog Rodriguez Trilogy) - Erika Lopez
Hard Road, Easy Riding - Ed.: Sacchi Green and Rakelle Valencia
All Roads Lead To Sturgis - Edward Winterhalder and James Richard Larson
Os Motoqueiros do Sertão - Fábio Magnani (download gratuito)
Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle - Victor Appleton
Midas Touch - Frankie J. Jones
The Motorcycle - Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues
Rumble Fish - S. E. Hinton
The Cannibal - John Hawkes
The Beetle Leg - John Hawkes
Corelli's Mandolin: A Novel - Louis de Bernieres
Turbulence: A novel - Giles Foden
The Mouse and the Motorycle - Beverly Cleary [children's book]
Runaway Ralph - Beverly Cleary [children's book]
Ralph S. Mouse - Beverly Cleary [children's book]
How to Build a Motorcycle: A racing adventure of mechanics, teamwork, and friendship - Saskia Lacey e Martin Sodomka
The Go Girls - Will Laurence
Setting Free the Bears - John Irving
The Hotel New Hampshire - John Irving
The History Boys: A Play - Alan Bennett
The Owl Service - Alan Garner
O Barbeiro e o Judeu da Prestação Contra Sargento da Motocicleta - Joel Rufino Dos Santos
Hermes, o Motoboy - Ilan Brenman
Wanted Woman - B. J. Daniels
Biker Chick - Dakota Knight
The Accidental Demon Slayer - Angie Fox
She Rides - Elle Laudan
The Flamethrowers - Rachel Kushner
Jackson Five : Organismo Pulsante - Marco Luque
Duas Rodas e Um Destino - Lucas Pimentel
Motorcycle Samurai: Volume 1 - Chris Sheridan
The Humans: Volume 1 - Humans for Life - Tom Neely and Keenan Marshall Keller
The Humans: Volume 2 - Humans Till Deth - Tom Neely and Keenan Marshall Keller
Tokyo Ghost: Volume 1 - Atomic Garden - Remember, Murphy and Hollingworth
Tokyo Ghost: Volume 2 - Atomic Garden - Remember, Murphy and Hollingworth
Steve McQueen: Full-Throttle Cool - Dwight Zimmerman
The Reason for Dragons - Chris Northrop and Jeff Stokely
Scooter Girl - Chynna Clugston-Flores
Motor Crush (vol. 1) - Brenden Fletcher
Bessie Stringfield - Joel Christian Gill
Absolute Beginners - Colin MacInnes

[Planejamento de Viagens]
Adventure Motorcycling - Robert Wicks
The Essential Guide to Dual Sport Motorcycling: Everything You Need to Buy, Ride, and Enjoy the World's Most Versatile Motorcycles - Carl Adams
Planet Earth's Greatest Motorcycle Adventure Tours - Colette Coleman
Adventure Motorcycling Handbook, 5th : Worldwide Motorcycling Route & Planning Guide - Chris Scott
Motorcycle Camping Made Easy - Bob Woofter
Riding the World : The Biker's Road Map for a Seven Continent Adventure - Gregory W. Frazier

Adventure Riding Techniques: The Essential Guide to All the Skills You Need for Off-road Adventure Riding - Robert Wicks and Greg Baker
Motocross and Off-Road Training Handbook: Tune Your Body for Race-Winning Performance - Mark Thompson
Total Control: High Performance Street Riding Techniques - Lee Parks
Pro Motocross & Off-Road Riding Techniques - Donnie Bales
The MSF Dirtbike School - DVD
Twist of the Wrist - Keith Code
Twist of the Wrist II - Keith Code [*]
Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well - David L. Hough
More Proficient Motorcycling : Mastering the Ride - David L. Hough
Motorcycling Excellence - Motorcycle Safety Foundation

How to Paint Your Motorcycle - JoAnn Bortles
Advanced Custom Motorcycle Assembly & Fabrication Manual - Timothy Remus
How To Sell Your Motorcycle: and put more $$$ in your pocket! - Scott Jacobs
How to Repair Your Motorcycle - Charles Everitt
How to Restore Your Motorcycle - Mark Zimmerman
Practical Fabrication and Assembly Techniques: Automotive, Motorcycle, Racing - Wayne Scraba
How to Build Motorcycle-engined Racing Cars - Tony Pashley
Sportbike Performance Handbook - Kevin Cameron
Race Tech's Motorcycle Suspension Bible - Paul Thede and Lee Parks
101 Sportbike Performance Projects - Evans Brasfield
Scooters Automatic Transmission 50 to 250cc Two-Wheel Carbureted Models - Haynes
The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance - Mark Zimmerman
Motorcycle Electrical Systems: Troubleshooting and Repair - Tracy Martin
Motorcycle Fuel Injection Handbook - Adam Wade
Motorcycles: Fundamentals, Service, and Repair - Bruce A. Johns, David D. Edmundson and Robert Scharff
Motorcycle Basics Techbook - John Haynes
Motorcycle Maintenance Techbook - Keith Weighill
Motorcycle Workshop Practice Manual - John Haynes
How To Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop - C. G. Masi
Manual de Mecanica de Motos - Sergio Alejandro Ribaric
Chinese 125 Motorcycles Service and Repair Manual - Matthew Coombes
Como Desenhar Motos: Passo a Passo - Sergio Guinot

[Crônicas, Histórias, Imagens, Cultura e Filosofia]
Saris on Scooters: How Microcredit Is Changing Village India - Sheila McLeod Arnopoulos
Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia - Mark Gardiner
Motorcycle Jackets: A Century of Leather Design - Rin Tanaka
A Moto e o Jegue – Davi Teixeira
A Morte e a Moto (e outras verdades escondidas) - Paul Nobre
Bikerlady: Living and Riding Free! - Sasha Mullins
Kicking Up Dirt: A True Story of Determination, Deafness, and Daring - Ashley Fiolek and Caroline Ryder
The American Motorcycle Girls: A Photographic History Of Early Women Motorcyclists - Cristine Sommer Simmons
Wrenched - Ed Milich
Live to Ride: The Rumbling, Roaring World of Speed, Escape, and Adventure on Two Wheels - Wayne Johnson
Hear Me Roar: Women, Motorcycles, and the Rapture of the Road - Ann Ferrar
Bike Lust: Harleys, Women, and American Society - Barbara Joans
Wild: Harley Bikes & Babes - Horst Rosler
Reinventing Myself: Memoirs of a Retired Professor - Marlys Marshall Styne
Seventy Years on a Motorcycle: An Up-to-the-Hilt Reminiscense by a College Literature Professor - Herbert Foster Gunnison
Shakedown Blues: A Collection of Motorcycle Tales - C. G. Masi
How to Paint & Draw Motorcycles - Eric Hermann
Motorcycle Graphics: Outsider Art, Graphics and Illustration - Gary Inman
Iron & Air: Art & Design Issue
Extreme Motorcycle Art - Spencer Drate
S&S Cycle Presents Today's Top Custom Bike Builders - Howard Kelly
The Magic of the TT: Centenary Edition - Mac McDiarmid
One Good Run: The Legend of Burt Munro - Tim Hanna
Flat Out: The Race for the Motorcycle World Land Speed Record - Rocky Robinson
An Age of Superheroes: Ridin' Sideways through GP Racing's Golden Age with Schwantz, Rainey, Doohan, Lawson & Gardner - Mat Oxley
The Motorcycle World Champions: The Inside Story of History's Heroes - Michael Scott
Grand Prix Motorcycle Racers: The American Heroes - Norm DeWitt
Riding Man - Mark Gardiner
Motorcycle - Steven E. Alford and Suzanne Ferriss
An Alternative History of Bicycles and Motorcycles - Steven E. Alford and Suzanne Ferriss
Hogs, Blogs, Leathers and Lattes: The Sociology of Modern American Motorcycling - William E. Thompson
Investment Biker - Jim Rogers
The Biker's Guide to Business: When Business and Life Meet at the Crossroads - Dwain M. DeVille
The Big Book of Biker Flicks: 40 of the Best Motorcycle Movies of All Time - John Wooley, Michael H. Price
Two Wheels on Two Reels: A History of Biker Movies - Mike Seate
Barbarians on Bikes: Bikers and Motorcycle Gangs in Men’s Pulp Adventure Magazines - Robert Deis and Wyatt Doyle
The Fine Art of the Motorcycle Engine: The Story of the Up-N-Smoke Engine Project - Daniel Peirce
Legendary Motorcycles: The Stories and Bikes Made Famous by Elvis, Peter Fonda, Kenny Roberts, and Other Motorcycling Greats - Basem Wasef
Motorcycle Dream Garages - Lee Klancher
McQueen's Machines: The Cars and Bikes of a Hollywood Icon - Matt Stone
Riding with Rilke: Reflections on Motorcycles and Books - Ted Bishop
The Tao of the Ride: Motorcycles and the Mechanics of the Soul - Garri Garripoli
Big Sid's Vincati: The Story of a Father, a Son, and the Motorcycle of a Lifetime - Matthew Biberman
The Vincent in the Barn: Great Stories of Motorcycle Archaeology - Tom Cotter
Rebuilding the Indian: A Memoir - Fred Haefele
101 Road Tales - Clement Salvadori
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - Robert M. Pirsig
Guidebook to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - Ronald DiSanto and Tom Steele
Zen and Now: On the Trail of Robert Pirsig and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - Mark Richardson
Philosophical Ridings: Motorcycles and the Meaning of Life - Craig Bourne
Sons of Anarchy and Philosophy: Brains Before Bullets - George A. Dunn
Bodies in Motion: Ecentuvolution and Experience in Motorcycling - Steven L. Thompson
The Perfect Vehicle: What It is about Motorcycles - Melissa Holbrook Pierson
Graos de Areia - Andre Azevedo e Klever Kolberg - Texto: Moraes Eggers
Historias de Motocicleta - Luiz Almeida
Manual do Viajante Solitário - José Albano
Um Caderno e Uma Moto - Caio Brito
Saindo do Lugar Comum - Cicero Paes
Saindo, Novamente, do Lugar Comum - Cicero Paes
More Than a Motorcycle: The Leadership Journey at Harley-Davidson - Rich Teerlink and Lee Ozley
Harley-Davidson Motor Company (Corporations That Changed the World) - Missy Scott [**]
The Harley-Davidson and Indian Wars - Allan Girdler
Rebuilding the Brand: How Harley-Davidson Became King of the Road - Clyde Fessler
Top Dead Center - Kevin Cameron
Top Dead Center 2 - Kevin Cameron
Kamikaze Biker: Parody and Anomy in Affluent Japan - Ikuya Sato
Bosozoku - Masayuki Yoshinaga
Speed Tribes: Days and Night's with Japan's Next Generation - Karl Taro Greenfeld
Cafe Racers of the 1960s: Machines, Riders and Lifestyle a Pictorial Review - Mick Walker
The Cafe Racer Phenomenon (Those were the days...) - Alastair Walker
Japan's Motorcycle Wars: An Industry History - Jeffrey W. Alexander
Shooting Star: The Rise & Fall of the British Motorcycle Industry - Abe Aamidor
Whatever Happened to the British Motorcycle Industry? - Bert Hopwood
The Strange Death of the British Motorcycle Industry - Steve Koerner
Edward Turner: The Man Behind the Motorcycles - Jeff Clew
Villiers Everybody's Engine - Rob Carrick e Mick Walker
BSA: The Complete Story - Owen Wright
DKW: The Complete History of a World Marque - Siegfried Rauch
NSU: The Complete Story - Mick Walker
The BMW Story: Racing and Production Models from 1923 to the Present Day - Ian Falloon
Harley-Davidson Century - Darwin Holmstrom
Art of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle - Dain Gingerelli
The Art of BMW: 90 Years of Motorcycle Excellence - Peter Gantriis
John Britten - Tim Hanna
Kim the Kiwi on the Konig - Tim Hanna
The Frame Man - Ken Sprayson
The Ducati Story - Ian Falloon
Fast Company: A Memoir of Life, Love, and Motorcycles in Italy - David M. Gross
Stealing Speed: The Biggest Spy Scandal in Motorsport History - Mat Oxley
Leanings: The Best of Peter Egan from Cycle World Magazine - Peter Egan
Leanings 2: Great Stories by America's Favorite Motorcycle Writer - Peter Egan
The Devil Can Ride: The World's Best Motorcycle Writing - Lee Klancher
Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work - Matthew B. Crawford
Kick Start: Cosmic Biker Babe's Guide To Life And Changing the Planet - Carol Setters
Open Road: A Goddess-Biker Guidebook: Find Your True Self, Create a Bold & Soulful Life - Jennifer Bair
The Art of the Motorcycle - Thomas Krens
Harley-Davidson and Philosophy - Bernard E. Rollin et al
The Bikeriders - Danny Lyon
Brooklyn Kings - Martin Dixon
1969 and Then Some - Robert Wintner
Too Far Gone - Todd Blubaugh
Roads of Her Own: Gendered Space and Mobility in American Women's Road Narratives, 1970-2000 - Alexandra Ganser
Freedom: Credos from the Road - Sonny Barger
Cafe Racer: The Motorcycle - Mike Seate
Cafe Racers: Speed, Style, and Ton-Up Culture - Michael Lichter
The Complete Book Of Flat Track Racing - Gerald Foster
The Golden Age of Speedway - Philip Dalling
Bonneville: World's Fastest Motorcycles - Horst Rosle
Bonneville Salt Flats - Louise Ann Noeth
I See By My Outfit - Peter S. Beagle
The Honda Story:Road And Racing Motorcycles From 1948 To The Present Day - Ian Falloon
Mods and Rockers - Gareth Brown
Let's Ride - Sonny Barger and Darwin Holmstrom
She's a Bad Motorcycle: Writers on Riding - Geno Zanetti
Life of Evel: Evel Knievel - Stuart Barker
Riding the Wall of Death - Allan Ford and Nick Corble
Fearless: Lords of the Murderdrome - Rick Ongstad
BMW Motorcycles: The Evolution of Excellence - Kevin Ash
Motocicleta: A Evolução Das Máquinas - Fausto Macieira
The Motorcycle World - Phil Schilling
O Mundo é Uma Roda - Geraldo Tite
Mototerapia - Dinno Benzatti
Far and Away: A Prize Every Time - Neil Peart
Zero to Sixty: The Motorcycle Journey of a Lifetime - Gary Paulsen
The Ride So Far: Tales from a Motorcycling Life - Lance Oliver
Feasting on Asphalt: The River Run - Alton Brown
Riding a Straight and Twisty Road: Motorcycles, Fellowship, and Personal Journeys - James Hesketh
The Man Who Would Stop at Nothing: Long-Distance Motorcycling's Endless Road - Melissa Holbrook Pierson
Motorcycle Apprentice: Matchless - in name and reputation - Bill W. A. Cakebread
We are the Mods - Christine Jacqueline Feldman
Mod! From Bebop to Britpop, Britain's Biggest Youth Movement - Richard Weight
A to Z of Mod - Paolo Hewitt
Pop Design: Modernism to Mod - Nigel Whiteley
The Art of the Racing Motorcycle: 100 Years of Designing for Speed - Phillip Tooth, Jean-Pierre Praderes
Coletivo Canal Motoboy - Eliezer Muniz dos Santos
Bikes of Burden - Hans Kemp
Carrying Cambodia - Hans Kemp
Violência e Morte no Trânsito: Associações Ignoradas na Prevenção dos Acidentes com Motociclistas - Paul Nobre
Risco no Trânsito, Omissão e Calamidade: Impactos do Incentivo à Motocicleta no Brasil - Eduardo A. Vasconcellos [*]
The Book of Deus
The Scott Motorcycle: The Yowling Two-Stroke - Jeff Clew
Desobediência Tecnológica - Ernesto Oroza
On the Move: A Life - Oliver Sacks
A Man and a Motorcycle: How Hamid Karzai Came to Power - Bette Dam
A Motorcycle on Hell Run - Seth M. Markle

Hell's Angel - Sonny Barger
Hell's Angels - Hunter S. Thompson
Under and Alone - William Queen
Riding on the Edge: A Motorcycle Outlaw's Tale - John Hall
The Original Wild Ones: Tales of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club - Bill Hayes
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Biker Chicks: The Magnetic Attraction of Women to Bad Boys and Motorbikes - Arthur Veno and Edward Winterhalder
The Brotherhoods: Inside the Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs - Arthur Veno
The Assimilation: Rock Machine Become Bandidos - Bikers United Against the Hells Angels - Edward Winterhalder e Wil De Clercq
Running with the Devil: The True Story of the ATF's Infiltration of the Hells Angels - Kerrie Droban
No Angel: My Harrowing Undercover Journey to the Inner Circle of the Hells Angels - Jay Dobyns
Bikers: Culture, Politics & Power - Suzanne McDonald-Walker
Biker: Truth and Myth - Bill Osgerby
The Rebels - Daniel R. Wolf
Street Justice - Chuck Zito
Out in Bad Standings - Edward Winterhalder
Soul on Bikes: The East Bay Dragons MC and the Black Biker Set - Tobie Levingston
Born to Be Wild: The Rise of the American Motorcyclist - Randy D. McBee

[Tecnologia e Engenharia]
Custom Motorcycles: Choppers Bobbers Baggers - Howard Kelly
The Ride: New Custom Motorcycles and their Builders - Chris Hunter
The Build: How the Masters Design Custom Motorcycles - Robert Hoekman Jr
The Chopper: The Real Story - Paulo d'Orleans
American Dream Bikes - Alan Cathcart
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The Racing Motorcycle - Vic Willoughby
Early Motorcycles: Construction, Operation and Repair - Victor Wilfred Pagé
Motorcycle Road & Racing Chassis: A Modern Review of the Best Independents - Keith Noakes
The Upper Half of the Motorcycle: On the Unity of Rider and Machine - Bernt Spiegel
Why We Ride - Mark Barnes
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Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle - - Carl Vogel
Modern Motorcycle Technology: How Every Part of Your Motorcycle Works - Massimo Clarke
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The Tiddler Invasion: Small Motorcycles of the Sixties - Floyd M. Orr
Funky Mopeds! - The 1970s Sports Moped Phenomenon - Richard Skelton
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Harley Davidson: Uma Paixão Sem Fronteiras - Montse Borras
100 Years of Motorcycles - Ammonite Press
365 Motorcycles You Must Ride - Dain Gingerelli
On My Vespa - Silvana Annicchiarico
Vespa - Davide Mazzanti
Vespa: The Complete History From 1946 - Giorgio Sarti
Vespa - Valerio Boni
Innocenti Lambretta: The Definitive History - Vittorio Tessera
Hodaka Motorcycles - Ken Smith
Motorcycle: The Definitive Visual History - DK Publishing
Motorcycles (CubeBook) - Enzo Rizzo
My Cool Motorcycle: An Inspirational Guide to Motorcycles and Biking Culture - Chris Haddon and Lyndon McNeil


[Ciência e Tecnologia]
Bicycling Science - David Gordon Wilson
Bicycle Technology: Understanding the Modern Bicycle and its Components - Rob van der Plas and Stuart Baird
Electric Bicycles: A Guide to Design and Use - William C. Morchin e Henry Oman
Electric Bicycles - David Henshaw
Build Your Own Electric Bicycle - Matthew Slinn
Bicycle Repair - Rob van der Plas
Bicycle Design: The Search for the Perfect Machine - Mike Burrows
From Bicycle to Superbike - Tony Hadland and Mike Burrows
The Dancing Chain: History and Development of the Derailleur Bicycle - Frank Berto
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Human-Powered Vehicles - Allan V. Abbott e David Gordon Wilson
Gossamer Odyssey - Morton Grosser
More With Less: Paul MacCready and the Dream of Efficient Flight - Paul Ciotti
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Cycling Science: How Rider and Machine Work Together - Max Glaskin
The Bicycling Guide to Complete Bicycle Maintenance & Repair - Todd Downs
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Made in England: The Artisans Behind the Handbuilt Bicycle - Matthew Sowter
The Bicycle Artisans - Will Jones
The Bike Deconstructed: A Grand Tour of the Modern Bicycle - Richard Hallett
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The Spaceframe Moultons - Tony Hadland
Brompton Bicycle - David Henshaw
Bicycle!: A Repair & Maintenance Manifesto - Sam Tracy

Bike Cult: The Ultimate Guide to Human-Powered Vehicles - David B. Perry
On Bicycles: 50 Ways the New Bike Culture Can Change Your Life - Amy Walker
The Literary Cyclist: Great Bicycling Scenes in Literature - James Starrs
Fixed: Global Fixed-Gear Bike Culture - Andrew Edwards
The Immortal Class: Bike Messengers and the Cult of Human Power - Travis Culley
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Velo - 3rd Gear: Bicycle Culture and Stories - Sven Ehmann
The Bike Book: Passion, Lifestyle, Design - teNeues
The eBike Book: Future, Lifestyle, Mobility - teNeues
Urban Flow: Bike Messengers and the City - Jeffrey L. Kidder
The Bicycle Book - Bella Bathurst
Yehuda Moon and The Kickstand Cyclery - Rick Smith
Cycle Chic - Mikael Colville-Andersen
Bicycle Life with Kawaii Girls
Reconsidering the Bicycle: An Anthropological Perspective on a New (Old) Thing - Luis A. Vivanco
In the City of Bikes: The Story of the Amsterdam Cyclist - Pete Jordan
Pedal Power: How One Community Became the Bicycle Capital of the World - Allan Drummond
Hollywood Rides a Bike: Cycling with the Stars - Steven Rea
Chasing Rickshaws - Tony Wheeler and Richard I'Anson
Moving Picture: The Rickshaw Art of Bangladesh - Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt
The Rickshaw of Bangladesh - Rob Gallagher
The Dutch and their Bikes: Scenes from a Nation of Cyclists - Shirley Agudo
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Brew to Bikes: Portland's Artisan Economy - Charles Heying
Bike Mechanic: Tales from the Road and the Workshop - Guy Andrews
The Culinary Cyclist: A Cookbook and Companion for the Good Life - Anna Brones
Pernambuco Correia Virada - Paulo Sultanum
The Bicycle - Cheah Sinann
Paper Girls (vol. 1) - Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang
Paper Girls (vol. 2) - Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang
Paper Girls (vol. 3) - Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang
Bicycle - Ugo Gattoni
Legends of the Tour - Jan Cleijne
Our Bodies, Our Bikes - Elly Blue and April Streeter (eds.)
Eu Sou a Mudança: 100 Projetos que Usam a Bicicleta para Transformar o Brasil - Roberta Faria
Eu Amo Bike - Roberta Faria
The Hipster Colouring Book - Charlotte Farmer
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A Social Hstory of the Bicycle: Its Early Life and Times in America - Robert A Smith
Wheels of Change: How Women Rode the Bicycle to Freedom - Sue Macy
The Coyote's Bicycle - Kimball Taylor

Cycling Anatomy - Shannon Sovndal
Bike for Life: How to Ride to 100 - Roy M. Wallack and Bill Katovsky
Performance Cycling - Stuart Baird
The Complete Book of Road Cycling & Racing - Willard Peveler
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High-Tech Cycling - Edmund R. Burke
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High-Performance Cycling - Asker Jeukendrup
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The Complete Book of Long-Distance Cycling: Build the Strength, Skills, and Confidence to Ride as Far as You Want - Edmund R. Burke
The Power Meter Handbook: A User's Guide for Cyclists and Triathletes - Joe Friel
Andy Pruitt's Complete Medical Guide for Cyclists - Andrew L. Pruitt

Hell on Two Wheels - Amy Snyder
The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France: Doping, Cover-ups, and Winning at All Costs - Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle
Merckx: Half Man, Half Bike - William Fotheringham
Flying Scotsman - Graeme Obree
Sex, Lies and Handlebar Tape: The Remarkable Life of Jacques Anquetil - Paul Howard
Road to Valor - Aili McConnon e Andres McConnon
Pedalare! Pedalare! A History of Italian Cycling - John Foot
It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life - Lance Armstrong
Need for the Bike - Paul Fournel
Land of Second Chances - Tim Lewis
Major Taylor - Conrad Kerber

Bicycle: The History - David V. Herlihy
Biography of the Bike: The Ultimate History of Bike Design - Chris Boardman
Bicycle Design: An Illustrated History - Tony Hadland
It's All About the Bike: The Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels - Robert Penn
The Birth of Dirt: Origins of Mountain Biking - Frank Berto
Bicycle History: A Chronological Cycling History of People, Races, and Technology - James L. Witherell
Colonel Albert Pope and His American Dream Machines - Stephen B. Goddard
Framing Production: Technology, Culture, and Change in the British Bicycle Industry - Paul Rosen
Of Bicycles, Bakelites, and Bulbs: Toward a Theory of Sociotechnical Change - Wiebe E. Bijker
King of the Road - Andrew Ritchie
The Bicycle: Towards a Global History - P. Smethurst
The Great Bicycle Experiment - Kay Moore
Magnum Cycling - Guy Andrews
Peddling Bicycles to America: The Rise of an Industry - Bruce D. Epperson
No Hands: The Rise and Fall of the Schwinn Bicycle Company - Judith Crown and Glenn Coleman

[Bicicletismo Urbano]
Richard's 21st Century Bicycle Book - Richard Ballantine
Bike Snob: Systematically & Mercilessly Realigning the World of Cycling - Christopher Koelle
The Enlightened Cyclist - BikeSnobNYC
The Art of Cycling: A Guide to Bicycling in 21st-Century America - Robert Hurst
The Urban Biking Handbook - Charles Haine
Bicycle Diaries - David Byrne
Effective Cycling - John Forester
Velo-City: Architecture for Bikes - Gavin Blyth
Cycle Space: Architecture and Urban Design in the Age of the Bicycle - Steven Fleming
Cycle Infrastructure - Stefan Bendiks and Aglae Degros
Urban Bikeway Design Guide - National Association of City Transportation Officials

Pedaling Revolution - Jeff Mapes
One Less Car: Bicycling and the Politics of Automobility - Zack Furness
Joyride: Pedaling Toward A Healthier Planet - Mia Birk
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A Bicicleta no Brasil 2015
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Cycling Cultures - Peter Cox
Bike Lanes Are White Lanes: Bicycle Advocacy and Urban Planning - Melody L. Hoffmann
Bicycle / Race - Adonia Lugo
Bicycle Justice and Urban Transformation: Biking for all? - Aaron Golub
French Cycling: A Social and Cultural History - Hugh Dauncey

Miles from Nowhere: A Round the World Bicycle Adventure - Barbara Savage
Catfish and Mandala: A Two-Wheeled Voyage Through the Landscape and Memory of Vietnam - Andrew X. Pham
The Bicycle Book: Wit, Wisdom & Wanderings - Thomas Hylton
The Wind in My Wheels: Travel Tales from the Saddle - Josie Dew
Off the Map: Bicycling Across Siberia - Mark Jenkins

The Wheels of Chance – H. G. Wells
A Ciclista Solitária – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Rickshaw Boy - She Lao
City of Joy - Dominique Lapierre
Two Russian Bicycles - Bill Broder
Leonardo's Bicycle - Paco Ignacio Taibo II
The Bicycle Teacher - Campbell Jefferys
Office Girl - Joe Meno
The Midwife of Pont Clery - Flora Sandstrom
The Pigeon Chronicles or Bike Messenger Assassins - Pam Benjamin
A Menina, a Gaiola e a Bicicleta / Céu de Passarinhos - Rubem Alves e Carlos Brandão

[Cadeira de Rodas]
The Wheelchair Evaluation - Mitchell Batavia
Redesenhando Meu Mundo - Fabrício Silva Rodrigues

Italian Racing Bicycles: The People, The Products, The Passion - Guido P. Rubino
Cinelli: The Art and Design of the Bicycle - Lodovico Pignatti Morano, et al
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The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles: Craftsmanship, Elegance, and Function - Jan Heine
The Competition Bicycle: The Craftsmanship of Speed - Jan Heine and Jean-Pierre Praderes
100 Best Bikes - Zahid Sardar
The Bicycle - Pryor Dodge
Fifty Bicycles That Changed The World - Alex Newson
1001 Bikes: To Dream of Riding Before You Die - Guy Kesteven
100 Years of Bicycle Posters - Jack Rennert

Sociologia, Política e Economia

No Logo - Naomi Klein
This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate - Naomi Klein
O Império Ecológico - Pascal Bernardin
Climate Change: the Facts - J. Abbot
Para Entender o Desenvolvimento Sustentável - José Eli da Veiga
Mobilities - John Urry
Mobility without Mayhem: Safety, Cars, and Citizenship - Jeremy Packer
Apocalipse Motorizado - Org. Ned Ludd
Code of the Street: Decency, Violence, and the Moral Life of the Inner City - Elijah Anderson
Cultural Studies: Theory and Practice - Chris Barker
Disability Studies: An Interdisciplinary Introduction - Dan Goodley
Resistance Through Rituals: Youth Subcultures in Post-War Britain - Stuart Hall and Tony Jefferson
Subculture: The Meaning of Style - Dick Hebdige
Hiding in the Light: On Images and Things - Dick Hebdige
Subcultural Theory: Traditions and Concepts - J. Patrick Williams
Birth Of The Cool: Beat, Bebop, and the American Avant Garde - Lewis MacAdams
Teenage: The Prehistory of Youth Culture: 1875-1945 - Jon Savage
Hip: The History - John Leland
Bitches, Bimbos, and Ballbreakers: The Guerrilla Girls' Illustrated Guide to Female Stereotypes - Guerrilla Girls
An Introduction to New Media and Cybercultures - Pramod K. Nayar
The New Media and Cybercultures Anthology - Pramod K. Nayar
The Creation of the Media: Political Origins of Modern Communication - Paul Starr
Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations - Clay Shirky
Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide - Henry Jenkins
We the Media - Dan Gillmor
Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other - Sherry Turkle
Triumph of the City: How Our Greatest Invention Makes Us Richer, Smarter, Greener, Healthier, and Happier - Edward L. Glaeser
The City of To-morrow and Its Planning - Le Corbusier
The Death and Life of Great American Cities - Jane Jacobs
Dream Cities: Seven Urban Ideas That Shape the World - Wade Graham
The Very Hungry City: Urban Energy Efficiency and the Economic Fate of Cities - Austin Troy
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The Craftsman - Richard Sennett
The Mind at Work: Valuing the Intelligence of the American Worker - Mike Rose
Showrnalismo - Jose Arbex Jr.
As Origens do Totalitarismo - Hannah Arendt
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Anarchism and Other Essays - Emma Goldman
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A Miseria do Mundo - Pierre Bourdieu (Editor)
O Homem Revoltado - Um Ensaio Sobre o Homem em Revolta - Albert Camus
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O Poder da Identidade (vol. II) - Manuel Castells
O Fim do Milenio (vol. III) - Manuel Castells
Escritos sobre a Universidade - Marilena Chaui
A Luta de Classes - Noam Chomsky
11 de Setembro - Noam Chomsky
MST - Formacao e Territorializacao - Bernardo Mancano Fernandes
Pedagogia do Oprimido - Paulo Freire
Educacao e Mudanca - Paulo Freire [*]
Educacao como Pratica da Liberdade - Paulo Freire
Anarchism: From Theory to Pratice - Daniel Guerin [*]
Condicao Pos-Moderna - David Harvey
Postmodernism - Fredric Jameson
O Principe - Machiavelli
A Rebeliao das Massas - Jose Ortega Y Gasset
A Sociedade Aberta e Seus Inimigos. Tomo 1: O Fascinio de Platao - Karl R. Popper
A Sociedade Aberta e Seus Inimigos. Tomo 2: Hegel, Marx e a Colheita - Karl R. Popper
O Espaco do Cidadao - Milton Santos
Por Uma Outra Globalizacao - Milton Santos
Reflexoes Sobre a Violencia - Georges Sorel
Culture and Power : The Sociology of Pierre Bourdieu - David Swartz
A Universidade em Ruinas - Helgio Trindade (organizador)
The Portable Voltaire - Voltaire
O Seculo dos Intelectuais - Michel Winock
The Chinese Mind - Boye Lafayette De Mente
Changing Media, Changing China - Susan L. Shirk
China in the 21st Century - Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom
The Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers - Richard Mcgregor
The Next Decade: Where We've Been . . . and Where We're Going - George Friedman
The Future of Power - Joseph S. Nye Jr.
WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy - David Leigh
The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom - Evgeny Morozov
As Relações Entre China e América Latina Num Contexto de Crise - Pires e Paulino
Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy - Thomas Sowell
Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science - Charles Wheelan
Naked Statistics - Charles Wheelan
Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything - Steven Levit and Stephen Dubner
On Politics: A History of Political Thought: From Herodotus to the Present - Alan Ryan
The Social Movements Reader: Cases and Concepts - Jeff Goodwin
End This Depression Now! -Paul Krugman
Manifesto do Nada na Terra do Nunca - Lobão
Economia Industrial - Fundamentos Teóricos e Práticas no Brasil - David Kupfer e Lia Hasenclever
Economia Internacional e Comércio Exterior - Jayme de Mariz Maia
O Brasil - Mino Carta
Hybrid Factories in Latin America: Japanese Management Transferred - Katsuo Yamazaki (Editor), JuhnWooseok Juhn (Editor), Tetsuo Abo (Editor)
How Asia Works: Success and Failure in the World’s Most Dynamic Region - Joe Studwell
From the American System to Mass Production, 1800-1932 - David Hounshell
O Futuro da Indústria no Brasil: Desindustrialização em Debate - Edmar Bacha e Monica Baumgarten de Bolle
Contra um Mundo Melhor - Luiz Felipe Pondé
The Sublime Object of Ideology - Slavoj Zizek
A Era da Curadoria - Mario Sergio Cortella e Gilberto Dimenstein
A Tolice da Inteligência Brasileira - Jessé Souza
Spinfluence: The Hardcore Propaganda Manual for Controlling the Masses - Nick McFarlane
Construção Social da Tecnologia e Teoria do Discurso - Sérgio Carvalho Benício de Mello
Art Of The Motor - Paul Virilio
Speed and Politics - Paul Virilio
Italian Futurism - Guggenheim Museum


Zen in the Art of Archery - Eugen Herrigel
Irrational Man : A Study in Existential Philosophy - William Barrett
Existentialism: A Very Short Introduction - Thomas Flynn
Simulacra and Simulation - Jean Baudrillard
Like a Splinter in Your Mind: The Philosophy Behind the Matrix Trilogy - Matt Lawrence
More Matrix and Philosophy: Revolutions and Reloaded Decoded - William Irwin
Journey to the Source: Decoding Matrix Trilogy - Pradheep Chhalliyil
Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and the Religion in the Matrix - Glenn Yeffeth
The Psychology of Superheroes - Robin Rosenberg
Star Wars and Philosophy - Kevin S. Decker and Jason T. Eberl
The Seekers: The Story of Man's Continuing Quest to Understand His World - Daniel Boorstin
The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays - Albert Camus
O Tao da Fisica - Fritjof Capra
Os Pensadores (trechos selecionados) - Rene DesCartes
Wittgenstein's Poker - David Edmonds and John Eidinow
The Foucault Reader - Michel Foucault
A Serpente e a Raposa - Mary Haight
Os Pensadores (obras coligidas) - Heidegger
Dialetica do Esclarecimento - Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno
Critica da Razao Pura - Emmanuel Kant
Critica da Razao Pratica - Emmanuel Kant
Assim Falou Zaratustra - Friedrich Nietzsche
Os Pensadores (obras coligidas) Vol. 1 - Nietzsche
Basic Writings of Nietzsche - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
The World as Will and Presentation: Volume I - Arthur Schopenhauer
Os Pensadores (obras coligidas) - Platao
Apologia de Socrates - Platao
History of Western Philosophy, A - Bertrand Russell
O Ser e o Nada - Jean-Paul Sartre
Os Pensadores (obras coligidas) - Socrates
The Outsider - Colin Wilson
Tractatus Logico Philosophicus - Ludwig Wittgenstein
Way to Buddhahood, The - Yin-Shun
Become What You Are - Alan Watts
Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives - Dan Millman
Concepts of the Self - Anthony Elliott
Great Essays - Houston Peterson
A Companion to Phenomenology and Existentialism - Hubert L. Dreyfus
Poststructuralism: A Very Short Introduction - Catherine Belsey
What Is Ancient Philosophy? - Pierre Hadot
In Search of the Miraculous - P. D. Ouspensky
Buddhism: A Very Short Introduction - Damien Keown
Hinduism: A Very Short Introduction - Kim Knott
Process and Reality - Alfred North Whitehead
Metaphysics: A Very Short Introduction - Stephen Mumford
Information and the Nature of Reality: From Physics to Metaphysics - Paul Davies
Consciousness - Susan Blackmore
Lila: An Inquiry Into Morals - Robert M. Pirsig
The Essential Kierkegaard - Søren Kierkegaard
O Livro da Filosofia - Vários Autores


From Dawn to Decadence - Jacques Barzun
Guns, Germs, and Steel - Jared Diamond
A Concise History of Brazil - Boris Fausto
A Ditadura Envergonhada - Elio Gaspari
A Ditadura Escancarada - Elio Gaspari
Declinio e Queda do Imperio Romano (versao abreviada) - Edward Gibbon, Dero A. Saunders (editor)
Historia do Cristianismo - Paul Johnson
The Seventy Great Journeys in History - Robin Hanbury-Tenison
The Seventy Wonders of China - Jonathan Fenby
Diplomacy - Henry Kissinger
Wealth and Poverty of Nations, The - David S. Landes
The Brazilians - Joseph A. Page
O Povo Brasileiro - Darcy Ribeiro
Guerreiros do Sol - Frederico Pernambucano de Mello
Delmiro Gouveia - - Frederico Pernambucano de Mello
The Penguin History of the World - J. M. Roberts
Brasil: Territorio e Sociedade no Inicio do Seculo XXI - Milton Santos
O Brasil Visto de Fora - Thomas Skidmore
Uma Historia do Brasil - Thomas Skidmore
Tu es Pedro - George Suffert


How to Read a Film: Movies, Media, and Beyond - James Monaco
Atacama: Uma Aventura Fotográfica - Felipe Dumont e Thierry Rios
O Livro da Arte
Iniciação à História da Arte - H.W. Janson e Anthony E. Janson
Arte & Percepcao Visual - Arnheim
Modern Art 1851-1929 : Capitalism and Representation - Richard R. Brettell
After Modern Art, 1945-2000 (Oxford History of Art) - David Hopkins
Music Theory (The Complete Idiot's Guide To) - Michael Miller
The History of Jazz - Ted Gioia
The "Times" Quotations

M. C. Escher - M. C. Escher [**]

No Fixed Address - Derek Pedley
Catch Me If You Can: The True Story of a Real Fake - Frank W. Abagnale
Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief - Bill Mason
Crime School: Money Laundering: True Crime Meets The World Of Business And Finance - Chris Mathers
The Dragon Syndicates: The Global Phenomenon of the Triads - Martin Booth
The Big Con: The Story of the Confidence Man - David Maurer
The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security - Kevin D. Mitnick
The Encyclopedia of Robberies, Heists and Capers - Michael Newton
The Encyclopedia of High-Tech Crime and Crime-Fighting - Michael Newton
Behind Bars: Surviving Prison - Jeffrey Ian Ross and Stephen C. Richards
Seductions of Crime - Jack Katz
The Great Game - Frederick P. Hitz
Where the Money Is: True Tales from the Bank Robbery Capital of the World - William J. Rehder and Gordon Dillow
This Here's a Stick-Up: The Big Bad Book of American Bank Robbery - Duane Swierczynski
The Pimp's Bible: The Sweet Science of Sin - Alfred Bilbo Gholson
Ragnar's Action Encyclopedia of Practical Knowledge and Proven Techniques (Vol. 1) - Ragnar Benson
World's Most Dangerous Places, The - Robert Young Pelton
Inside Cyber Warfare: Mapping the Cyber Underworld - Jeffrey Carr
Fatal System Error: The Hunt for the New Crime Lords Who are Bringing Down the Internet - Joseph Menn

How to Be Invisible: The Essential Guide to Protecting Your Personal Privacy, Your Assets, and Your Life - J.J. Luna [**]
Homemade C4 - Ragnar Benson [**]
The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook - Chronicle Books LLC Staff [**]
Modern High-Security Locks: How To Open Them - Steven Hampton [**]
Techniques of the Professional Pickpocket - Wayne B. Yeager [**]
Guide to Manipulation - Robert Gene Sieveking [**]
Techniques of Safecracking - Wayne B. Yeager [**]
Alarm Sensor and Security - Thomas Petruzzellis [**]
The Practice of Crime Scene Investigation - John Horswell [**]
Forensic Engineering Investigation - Randall K. Noon [**]
Criminal Psychology and Forensic Technology - Grover Maurice Godwin [**]
Forensic Evidence: Science and the Criminal Law - Terrence F. Kiely [**]
Homicide Investigation - Burt Rapp [**]
Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation - Barry A. J. Fisher [**]
A Criminal History of Mankind - Colin Wilson [**]
Rape Investigation Handbook - Brent E. Turvey [**]
Electronic Crime Scene Investigation - U.S. Dept of Justice [**]
Fire Investigation - Niamh Nic Daeid [**]
Guide For Explosion And Bombing Scene Investigation - U.S. Dept of Justice [**]
The Counterterrorism Handbook - Frank, Jr. Bolz, Kenneth J. Dudonis and David P. Schulz [**]
Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence and Security - K. Lee Lerner [**]
Resistance and Persuasion - Eric S. Knowles [**]
Principles of Persuasion - Shane Sparks [**]
Persuasion Engineering - Richard Bandler and John La Valle [**]

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking - Susan Cain
Dangerous Edge: The Psychology of Excitement - Michael J. Apter
The Freud Reader - Sigmund Freud
Touched with Fire - Kay Jamison
Memorias, Sonhos, Reflexoes - Carl Gustav Jung
Man and His Symbols - Carl Gustav Jung
Os Arquetipos e o Inconsciente Coletivo - Carl Gustav Jung
Introducao a Psicologia Geral - David G. Myers
Psicologia Social - David G. Myers
Tarot and Psychology: Spectrums of Possibility - Arthur Rosengarten
Deixar de Ser Gordo - Flavio Gikovate
Superdicas para Viver Bem e Ser Mais Feliz - Flávio Gikovate
Ensaios Sobre o Amor e a Solidão - Flavio Gikovate
Além do Divã - Flavio Gikovate
Mudar - Flavio Gikovate
Cartas a um Jovem Terapeuta - Contardo Calligaris
O Livro do Ciúmes - Carlos Trigueiro
Ciúmes - Denise Lachaud
If This is Love, Why Do I Feel So Insecure? - Carl G. Hindy, et al
Broken Promises, Mended Hearts : Maintaining Trust in Love Relationships - Joel D. Block
The Courage To Trust: A Guide To Building Deep And Lasting Relationships - Cynthia L. Wall
Natureza Humana - D. W. Winnicott
Urban Tantra - Barbara Carrellas
The Anger Trap - Les Carter and Frank Minirth
Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness - Gillian Butler
Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking - Malcolm Gladwell
O Corpo Fala - Pierre Weil e Roland Tompakow
Games People Play - Eric Berne
Scripts People Live - Claude M. Steiner
How to Win Every Argument: The Use and Abuse of Logic - Madsen Pirie
Nonsense - Robert J. Gula
The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable - Nassin Nicholas Taleb

[Carreira: Professor, Pesquisador e Administrador]
Higher Education in America - Derek Bok
A History of the University in Europe: Volume 4, Universities since 1945
Wisdom’s Workshop: The Rise of the Modern University - James Axtell
The Fall of the Faculty - Benjamin Ginsberg
DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education - Anya Kamenetz
What They Didn't Teach You in Graduate School - Paul Gray
McKeachie's Teaching Tips - Marilla Svinicki and Wilbert J. McKeachie
Advice for New Faculty Members - Robert Boice
The Essential College Professor - Jeffrey Buller
Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches - John W. Creswell
Creating Significant Learning Experiences: An Integrated Approach to Designing College Courses - L. Dee Fink
Effective Teaching in Higher Education: Research and Practice - Raymond P. Perry and John C. Smart
147 Tips for Teaching Sustainability: Connecting the Environment, the Economy, and Society/ - William M. Timpson
The Chalk Dust Collection: Thoughts and Reflections on Teaching in Colleges & Universities - Linc. Fisch
What the Best College Teachers Do - Ken Bain
Faculty Incivility: The Rise of the Academic Bully Culture and What to Do About It - Darla J. Twale and Barbara M. De Luca
The Essential Academic Dean: A Practical Guide to College Leadership - Jeffrey Buller
The College Administrator's Survival Guide - C. K. Gunsalus
How Colleges Work: The Cybernetics of Academic Organization and Leadership - Robert Birnbaum
Homo Academicus - Pierre Bourdieu
Academic Tribes and Territories - Tony Becher
Engaging the Six Cultures of the Academy - William H. Bergquist and Kenneth Pawlak
Microcosmographia Academica - F. M. Cornford
The Academic Tribes - Hazard Adams
The Academic’s Handbook - A. Leigh DeNeef and Craufurd D. Goodwin
Academic Leadership: A Practical Guide to Chairing the Department - Deryl R. Leaming
Empowering Online Learning: 100+ Activities for Reading, Reflecting, Displaying, and Doing - Curtis J. Bonk
Preparing for Promotion, Tenure, and Annual Review: A Faculty Guide - Robert M. Diamond

[Liderança e Trabalho em Equipe]
The 360 Degree Leader - John C. Maxwell
Team Players and Teamwork - Glenn M. Parker
Project Management for Dummies - Stanley Portney
The Extraordinary Leader - John Zenger and Joseph Folkman
On Leadership - John W. Gardner
Collaboration - Morten T. Hansen

[Inovação e Empreendedorismo]
Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard - Chip Heath and Dan Heath
The Invisible Touch: The Four Keys to Modern Marketing - Harry Beckwith
Networking para Sua Vida Pessoal e Profissional (Superdicas) - José Augusto Minarelli
The Connectors - Maribeth Kuzmeski
Making Ideas Happen - Scott Belsky
Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty - Harvey Mackay
Creating Competitive Advantage - Jaynie L. Smith and William G. Flanagan
Professional Services Marketing - Mike Schultz and John Doerr
Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Peter F. Drucker

[Soft Skills]
Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In - Roger Fisher and William L. Ury
Inteligencia: Um Conceito Reformulado - Howard Gardner
Social Intelligence - Daniel Goleman
Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Golema
Secrets to Winning at Office Politics - Marie G. McIntyre
Secret Handshake - Kathleen Kelley Reardon
How to Wow - Frances Cole Jones
You, Inc. - Harry Beckwith and Christine Clifford Beckwith
Good in a Room - Stephanie Palmer
How To Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity - David Allen
Procrastination - Jane B. Burka
Administrar o Tempo e Aproveitar Melhor a Vida (Superdicas)- Dulce Magalhães

How to Draw What You See - Rudy De Reyna
Urban Sketching - Thomas Thorspecken
Keys to Drawing - Bert Dodson
Desenhos Incríveis - Shane Nagle
Faça Como Steve Jobs - e Realize Apresentações Incríveis em Qualquer Situação - Carmine Gallo
Speaking Well in Talks and Presentations (Super Tips)- Reinaldo Polito
Presentation Zen - Garr Reynolds
Your Memory - Kenneth L. Higbee
Breakthrough Rapid Reading - Peter Kump

[Melhoria Pessoal]
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen R. Covey
The Law of Success - Napoleon Hill
The Success Principles - Jack Canfield
17 Lies That Are Holding You Back and the Truth That Will Set You Free - Steve Chandler
Pare de Se Sabotar e Dê a Volta Por Cima - Flip Flippen
Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Lechter

[Escrita - Gramática e Estilo]
How to Write a Sentence: And How to Read One - Stanley Fish
Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer - Roy Peter Clark
How to Write Short: Word Craft for Fast Times - Roy Peter Clark
The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need - Susan Thurman
English Grammar in Use - Murphy
The Chicago Manual of Style
The Glamour of Grammar: A Guide to the Magic and Mystery of Practical English - Roy Peter Clark
Scientific English - Robert A. Day
The Elements Of International English Style: A Guide To Writing Correspondence, Reports, Technical Documents, And Internet Pages For A Global Audience - Edmond H. Weiss
The Elements of Style - William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White
On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction - William Zinsser

The Oxford Essential Guide to Critical Writing - Thomas S. Kane [**]

[Escrita - Ficção]
Comedy Writing Secrets - Mel Helitzer
The Big Book of Irony - Jon Winokur
Writing in General and the Short Story in Particular - Rust Hills
Creating Short Fiction: The Classic Guide to Writing Short Fiction - Damon Knight
Self-Editing for Fiction Writers - Renni Browne and Dave King
How to Write a Book Proposal - Michael Larsen
Story Engineering - Larry Brooks
The Hero with a Thousand Faces - Joseph Campbell
The Cambridge Introduction to Postmodern Fiction - Bran Nicol
45 Master Characters - Victoria Schmidt
20 Master Plots: And How to Build Them - Ronald Tobias
Make a Scene: Crafting a Powerful Story One Scene at a Time - Jordan E. Rosenfeld
The Writers Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers - Christopher Vogler
Myth & the Movies: Discovering the Myth Structure of 50 Unforgettable Films - Stuart Voytilla
Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting - Syd Field
Encyclopedia of Urban Legends - Jan Harold Brunvand
The Art of Fiction: Notes on Craft for Young Writers - John Gardner
Mystery, Violence, and Popular Culture - John G. Cawelti
Adventure, Mystery, and Romance: Formula Stories as Art and Popular Culture - John G. Cawelti
Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint - Nancy Kress
Description & Setting - Ron Rozelle
Dialogue - Gloria Kempton
Plot & Structure - James Scott Bell
Writing Fiction: The Practical Guide from New York's Acclaimed Creative Writing School - Gotham Writers' Workshop
Testamentos Traidos: Ensaios - Milan Kundera
The First Five Pages - Noah Lukeman
Writing Fiction - Janet Burroway
On Writing - Stephen King
Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life - Anne Lamott

How to Write a Damn Good Novel - James N. Frey [**]
How to Write a Damn Good Novel, II - James N. Frey [**]

[Escrita - Não Ficção]
The Writers Digest Guide To Query Letters - Wendy Burt-Thomas
Writer's Digest Handbook of Magazine Article Writing - Writers Digest
Writing to Deadline: The Journalist at Work - Donald M. Murray
Broadcast Journalism: Techniques of Radio and Television News - Andrew Boyd, Peter Stewart and Ray Alexander
All the President's Men - Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein
The Universal Journalist - David Randall
Writing Creative Nonfiction - Philip Gerard
Telling True Stories: A Nonfiction Writers' Guide from the Nieman Foundation at Harvard University - Mark Kramer and Wendy Call
The Elements of Journalism - Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel
Associated Press Reporting Handbook - Jerry Schwartz
Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers - Tom Wolfe
The Journalist's Craft : A Guide to Writing Better Stories - Dennis Jackson and John Sweeney
The ASJA Guide to Freelance Writing - Timothy Harper and Samuel G. Freedman
Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content that Works - Janice (Ginny) Redish
ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income - Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett
WordPress for Business Bloggers - Paul Thewlis
A Sense of Place: Great Travel Writers Talk About Their Craft, Lives, and Inspiration - Paul Thewlis
A Book of Traveller's Tales - Eric Newby
The Travel Writer's Handbook: How to Write - and Sell - Your Own Travel Experiences - Louise Purwin Zobel
Globejotting: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Journals - Dave Fox
Get Known Before The Book Deal - Christina Katz
Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World - Michael Hyatt
The Zen of Social Media Marketing - Shama Kabani

[Escrita - Acadêmica]
Science Research Writing: A Guide for Non-Native Speakers of English - Hilary Glasman-deal
"They Say / I Say": The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing - Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein
Professors as Writers - Robert Boice
Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks - Wendy Laura Belcher
How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper - Robert A. Day and Barbara Gastel
Writing Successful Science Proposals - Andrew J. Friedland and Carol L Folt
The Craft of Research - Wayne C. Booth et al
Metodologia Científica - M. A. Marconi e E. M. Lakatos
Research Strategies: Finding your Way through the Information Fog - William Badke
The Literature Review: Six Steps to Success - Dr. Lawrence Anthony Machi and Brenda T. McEvoy
The Only Grant-Writing Book You'll Ever Need: Top Grant Writers and Grant Givers Share Their Secrets - Ellen Karsh and Arlen Sue Fox
A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations - Kate L. Turabian, et al
How to Write and Publish Engineering Papers and Reports - Herbert B. Michaelson
Como se faz uma Tese - Umberto Eco

500 Essential Cult Books: The Ultimate Guide - Gina McKinnon and Steve Holland
Bizarre Books - Russell Ash and Brian Lake
A Gentle Madness : Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Passion for Books - Nicholas A. Basbanes
Library: An Unquiet History - Matthew Battles
A Passion for Books - Harold Rabinowitz
A Paixao Pelos Livros - Julio Silveira [organizacao]
The Professor and the Madman - Simon Winchester
Faculty Towers: The Academic Novel and Its Discontents - Elaine Showalter

Musashi - Eiji Yoshikawa
Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life - Jon Lee Anderson
Outlaw Journalist: The Life and Times of Hunter S. Thompson - William McKeen
Desert Memories: Journeys Through the Chilean North - Ariel Dorfman
Desert Solitaire - Edward Abbey
Cem Dias Entre Ceu e Mar - Amyr Klink
Album de Viagens - Michael Crichton
By Force of Will: The Life and Art of Ernest Hemingway - Scott Donaldson
The Beats: A Graphic History - Harvey Pekar
Fool for Love: F. Scott Fitzgerald - Scott Donaldson
Seven Pillars of Wisdom - T. E. Lawrence
A Prince of Our Disorder: The Life of T. E. Lawrence - John E. Mack
Lawrence of Arabia: The Authorized Biography of T.E. Lawrence - Jeremy Wilson
Wittgenstein: O Dever do Genio - Ray Monk
Voltaire Almighty: A Life in Pursuit of Freedom - Roger Pearson
Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel - Marshall Terrill
Lost in the Funhouse: The Life and Mind of Andy Kaufman - Bill Zehme
Albert Camus, Uma Vida - Olivier Todd
Cadernos (1937-39) - A Desmedida na Medida - Albert Camus
Confieso Que He Vivido - Pablo Neruda
Mapas do Acaso - Humberto Gessinger
Pra Ser Sincero - Humberto Gessinger
Seis Segundos de Atenção - Humberto Gessinger

[Catalogar Melhor]
Divorcio e Separacao - Yussef Said Cahali
Dos Alimentos - Yussef Said Cahali
State of the World 2000 - Lester Brown et al
State of the World 2001 - Lester Brown et al.
Natural Capitalism - Paul Hawken, L. Hunter Lovins, Amory Lovins

Asimov's Guide to the Bible: The Old and New Testaments - Isaac Asimov
A Mitologia de Bulfinch, Vol. I - Thomas Bulfinch
Signs and Symbols
Piratas: Uma História Secreta - Fernando Moretti
101 Experiencias de Filosofia Cotidiana - Roger-pol Droit
Dicionario das Religioes - John R. Hinnells
Sacred Leaves of Candomblé: African Magic, Medicine, and Religion in Brazil - Robert A. Voeks
An Incomplete Education - Judy Jones and William Wilson
Kama Sutra - Mallanaga Vatsyayana
Information Anxiety 2 - Richard Saul Wurman

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